Daniel Charles "Dan" Gruchy (born July 29, 1988), also known and called as "Dan The Man", #DanTheMan, or just simply known and referred to as "Dan", is a British English Internet and YouTube personality, presenter, show and podcast host, former soldier of the British Army and half part of The Slow Mo Guys team along with his good friend Gavin Free where he also posts videos of everything and anything that may look cool in slow motion for nearly 11 million subscribers. The Slow Mo Guys was later adopted by Rooster Teeth.

On January 13, 2017, Daniel announced that he had completed his military service in the British Army. [1] [2]

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Sharing the same surname as his mother, Daniel was born on July 28, 1988 in Aylesbury Vale, Buckinghamshire, England and raised in the town of Thame, Oxfordshire, England. He attended secondary school at Lord William's School with Gavin Free. Despite sharing a soft spot for the slow-moving, the two classmates never met each other until they became coworkers at a Waitrose supermarket in Thame, Oxfordshire.

After leaving school, Gavin became a filmmaker, cinematographer, actor, voice actor, and internet personality at Rooster Teeth and Dan became a Lance Corporal in the British Army.

Dan began helping Gavin film slow motion videos and content for their YouTube channel, releasing their first video on October 15, 2010. Both Dan and Gavin were 22 at the time their first video released.

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Daniel met Gavin and while working at the same branch of Waitrose (an English supermarket chain) while growing up in Thame, Oxfordshire, England after they had both graduated out of secondary school around late April to early May 2006.[3][4] At that time, Daniel was working at the "Fresh Foods Section" while Gavin was working at the "Fruit and Vegetables Section". It used to be two aisles where they met but now that the supermarket has been renovated it is now one aisle. Daniel even claims that they sold "4 tonnes of bananas per week" at this supermarket. There also used to be "an olive bar over there" across the two banana aisles but it is not there anymore.

Daniel also was a Lance Corporal in the British Army, serving in the Royal Logistic Corps after working at Waitrose and graduating out of Lord William's School. His weapons and explosives experience, especially with guns and grenades helped him while filming the more dangerous slow motion as he only received minor injuries. Daniel and Gavin posted their first video to YouTube on October 15, 2010. Even at the absolute beginning of their channel Dan already the 'lab rat' of the show undergoing quite some experiments, while Gavin filmed and recorded the video in safe distance behind the cover of the slow motion camera.

He currently resides in England (Thame) and has recently completed his last year of military regiment service as a Lance Corporal in the British Army, (Royal Logistic Corps). His plans for the future involve following his friend Gavin's footsteps by moving to Austin, Texas to work full-time at Rooster Teeth and to be more involved with other RT shows and content, now that his service in the British Army is complete.

While occasionally visiting Gavin in Austin to film more slow motion videos for The Slow Mo Guys, Dan also visits the Rooster Teeth office and staff to film videos with them. As a result, he has appeared in multiple videos on the Rooster Teeth channel, such as On The Spot appearing in a cameo on the Rooster Teeth Podcast making an appearance in Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, as well as even creating his pixel art in Achievement City. He has also appeared in three Let's Play episodes of Achievement Hunter so far: "The Grand Heist" and "Let's Play/Fail - Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2". The well known "bashing" of a watermelon slow motion video was also featured on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Just recently Dan appeared in an episode of "A Million Dollars, But" alongside Gavin, called "Slow Mo Millionaires".

During the Slow Mo Guys panel at RTX 2013 hosted by both Free and Gruchy, Daniel had talked about considering moving to America to work for Rooster Teeth full-time settling in Austin, as well as producing more content for his and Gavin's channel now that his military service for with the army is over. He talked about his obsession for Austin, stating that while he missed England, he also liked visiting Austin since it's a "very awesome and cool city" and he even thought about moving and residing there. This article claimed correctly that he had only one more year of service as an explosives expert in the British Army before he planned to join and work full-time at Rooster Teeth in the spring of 2017. Two months later, at the Slow Mo Guys panel at RTX 2016, once again hosted by Gavin and Dan, he officially announced and confirmed he was in the process of doing so, and if all goes well as planned, he should be joining to work full-time at Rooster Teeth and reside in Austin by the spring of 2017. On January 13, 2017, Gruchy announced via Twitter that he had now completed his military service in the British Army.

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  • Gavin Free believes and appears to have concurrent proof that Dan has an odd penchant for cross-eyed women, which Dan himself does not believe. Dan is currently in a relationship with a woman who is not cross-eyed.
  • Dan apparently doesn't understand menus and has on several occasions confused staff at restaurants.
  • He and Gavin were both born in England on the same year. Their birthdays are only 2 months and 4 days apart.
  • He shares the same surname as his mother.

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