Leigh Daniel Avidan, or more commonly known as Dan Avidan, is a singer/songwriter as well as a comedian and content creator/co-host for the YouTube let's play channel, Game Grumps.

Bio Edit

Dan is the vocalist for the comedy duo band, Ninja Sex Party with his friend,Brian Wecht (Ninja Brian). He and Brian formed a secondary comedy video game based-band with their fellow Game Grump co-star, Arin Hanson, titled Starbomb.

Within Rooster Teeth Edit

Multiple employees of Rooster Teeth have been shown to be fans and friends of the Game Grumps group and as such they have hosted panels at Rooster Teeth's RTX convention.

Dan, alongside Arin, made guest appearances competing on the RTX editions of On The Spot.

In episode 10 of Season 13 of Red vs. Blue, Dan, along with Arin, Suzy Berhow, Ross O'Donovan, Barry Kramer, and Kevin Abernathy provided a voice cameo of soldiers.

Trivia Edit

  • His height is 6' 2"
  • He was born and raised in New Jersey
  • His dad is Foreign (Hebrew)
  • He's Jewish
  • He used to be a heavy pot smoker back in his twenties
  • He joined Game Grumps in June 2013
    • He took over as co-host for the show after Jon Jafari (JonTron) left Game Grumps after 1 year because he moved to New York and to focus more on making JonTron videos.
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