Cunning Stunts races have seen a lot of funny incidents. Here's a list of them.

Geoff Edit

  • Alone in first seems to be Geoff's Kryptonite, as he often has some sort of unfortunate accident that costs him the win. This phenomenon is so synonymous with him that it was named after him.

Jack Edit

  • Jack seems to complain the most in stunt races, especially when Jeremy wins most of them.
    • Trevor, who was at Jack's desk in the Robbie Kay playlist, embraced this aspect when Robbie, at Jeremy's started building up a lead.
  • After winning a race in the first video Jack scored the 'Decorated' achievement, as the win gave him his thirtieth platinum award.

Ryan Edit

  • Ryan, according to Geoff in the Game Attack video, "exists for revenge" after being spun out by Jeremy.
  • During the third race of Part 3 Ryan was the only Hunter to finish any race behind Gavin.
    • He promptly sacrificed himself to wreck Gavin out of the lead at a brake point the very next race, eventually causing Gavin to take off towards LSIA.
    • Ryan went on to win the playlist by one point over a tied Geoff and Jeremy, two consecutive fourth places doing Geoff in after a hot 1-2-2 start.

Gavin Edit

  • Gavin tends to go way off course in stunt races, especially in the ones where he accidentally picks the Sanchez.
    • One attempt at it ended with a rock punting him into the water, Gavin having accidentally picked his modded Faggio for that race. He went on to win the next race in what can be considered his best Cunning Stunts vehicle, the Rocket Voltic.

Michael Edit

  • Michael usually tends to rotate between being in the lead and not finishing; in the second race of playlist 4 time ran out just before he could get a classified fifth place.

Jeremy Edit

  • Jeremy manages to win most of the Cunning Stunt races, which often causes Jack to complain about this.
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