Top 10 Beards in Video Games is the first episode of Achievement Hunter's Countdown series. In the episode, Geoff , Ray, and Michael list the top 10 beards found in video games starting from number 10. This episode aired on May 12, 2014.

Rank Character Game
10 Burger King Pocketbike Racer
9 Crazy Dave Plants Vs. Zombies
8 Jardiniero Viva Piñata
7 Babraham Lincoln Scriblenauts Unlimited
6 Gilius Thunderhead Golden Axe
5 Doctor Light MegaMan Series
4 Zachary Comstock Bioshock Infinite
3 Zangief Street Fighter IV
2 Dom's Beard Easter Egg Gears of War 3
1 "Jerk Pattilloo" Rooster Teeth/Not from a game
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