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Christine Stuckart is a lighting artist at Rooster Teeth. She first did contract work before being hired full-time in 2017. Christine has worked on RWBY, where she also voiced a young Faunus woman in Volume 5 and a White Fang goon in Volume 6. She also did minor voice work for Camp Camp (a woman in the Season 3 episode "City Survival"), Nomad of Nowhere (an old woman in the Season 1 episode "Bliss Hill") and Red vs. Blue: Singularity (Huggins' mother Cheryl). In Gen:LOCK, Christine is credited for being a look development artist.

A Massachusetts native, Christine had a double major in Theater and Art at the University of Massachusetts Amherst before studying animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and has also worked in the developers Black Screen, Anzovin and Hitpoint studios.[1] On RWBY Rewind, she described her shift from acting to animation because it was the same thing "in 3D space, where physics doesn't matter - I can do anything!"