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Chelsea Atkinson is an employee of Rooster Teeth. She is a community marketing associate and support manager.

A graduate of Angelo State University with a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management, she first starting working for Rooster Teeth as a front desk coordinator, where she assisted the other employees by providing needs, such as food, beverages, and office supplies. She also aided Matt Hullum, Burnie Burns, and Yvonne Secretan with their calendars, as well as organizing all travel for the company including general, production and convention travel. She has managed 9 booths in total (8 domestic, and 1 international).

In November 2015, she was promoted to Community Marketing Associate, where she is in charge of developing, strengthening and creating a sense of community and family of users on the Rooster Teeth site. She is also in charge of customer service and support for special community events, crowdfunding campaigns, account support and varying other activities. In addition, she is in charge of crowdfunding during development, execution, and post-fulfillment.

In April 2018, she became Community Support Manager. Her job is to handle communication between departments to train and establish pipelines and methods for community support agents to quickly answer and solve problems.

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