Caiti Ward is a native of Sydney, Australia, who currently lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Jack Pattillo. She provides the voice for Velvet Scarlatina in RWBY and had a supporting role as Emily in Day 5, with her character appearing as the main character in the short "Number 27". She is also a model, an actress and a voice actress in Austin, Los Angeles, and various parts of Australia. Caiti founded Roo Teeth, the official Australian fan community as well as multiple minor fan events around Australia. Roo Teeth is currently the biggest online Rooster Teeth fan group outside of the official website itself.

Caiti states that she has been a fan of Rooster Teeth since Red vs. Blue first began, (seeing the first episode on a burnt copy her brother gave her) and has adored them ever since, devoting time, energy, and creativity towards ensuring that the members of the community enjoy their time online at

Outside of Rooster Teeth - Caiti is a Butterfly Ambassador for an Australian organization, the Life Changing Experiences Foundation, which assists Australian "at risk" young girls and provides them with education, resources and strong relationships with positive role models in order to help them towards a better quality of life. She is also the co-founder of In Real Life, an organization intended to encourage people from online communities to participate in charitable work offline.

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