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César Altagracia is an artist at Rooster Teeth Productions. He does modeling and texturing props and environments, having first worked for the company in 2013 as part of the initial RWBY crew, and in the following year also joined Red vs. Blue, before being hired to work full-time for Rooster Teeth in 2014. Cesar is also a modeler in Gen:LOCK.

Prior to joining Rooster Teeth, César worked for various gaming companies, such as Shadows in Darkness (creating textures for the DLC of Borderlands 2) and Junction Point Studios (creating props, bringing outsourced items to a higher level of polish, building shaders, blending terrain textures, adjusting UV maps, and resolving environment bugs in Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two).[1]

In acting, César has voiced small roles in Nomad of Nowhere and Camp Camp, and also appeared as a doctor in Day 5.