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They don't know the old ways. They don't know a time before YouTube... they're weak tiny mice! They think you're a dying, harmless beast but they're wrong. I've been hibernating, a hibernating predator. Vipers wait. They shed their skin, adapt, become something new. Ready to hunt the mice. It's time for a new, modern, Italian assassin.
— Burnardo Burnadicci

Burnardo Burnadicci is a character in Eleven Little Roosters. He is the Italian Defense Division representative for the Rooster Corps.

Role in the series[]

Burnardo lives in Villa di Burnadicci, Italy.

At some point before the series, he murdered the father of Marquee Marquis, but when Marquis looked to see his father's murderer, he instead saw Burnardo's daughter Margaret.

In Episode 3, Burnardo decided to upgrade himself as an assassin, as the others had no faith in him, believing him to be washed-up. Donning a brand-new outfit, he rode a segway to a park in Paris, France, where he noticed Margaret about to be murdered by Marquis. After revealing the truth, Margaret says, "Do you know what would be cool? If you shot this guy!" Obliging, Burnardo shoots Marquis through the chest, killing him.

In Episode 5, Burnardo lodges Wilhelm after the Sex von Shaukel Boyz broke up. He recieves a telegram from Agent Moose saying that the Germans are moles, but misinterprets the message as "the German headquarters have a mole problem". The rest of the Sex von Shaukel Boyz catch on, and arrive at Villa di Burnadicci to retrieve Wilhelm. Unfortunately, Burnadicci accidentally utters the 4-word command (Chalice, Clock, Hippo, Wiener) to Wilhelm, which turns him insane and prompts him to stab Burnadicci several times, killing him.

Physical description[]

Burnardo has greying dark brown hair, blue eyes behind glasses, and scruffy brown stubble. He speaks in a slightly slurred voice, a reference to Vito Corleone.

Burnardo's original outfit is a black tuxedo with a white evening scarf, a white shirt, a black bow tie, and black oxfords.

Burnardo's modern outfit is a red hairband, a black track jacket with white stripes and a badge of the Italian flag, a white tank top, a golden necklace, black track pants with white stripes and the Italian flag, and white sneakers. He also slicks his hair back with blue hair gel, and sprays his skin tan with L'Oreal Sublime Bronze.


  • His name is a combination of his actor's (Burnie Burns) name and Italian director and screenwriter Bernardo Bertolucci who made Last Tango in Paris.
  • His attire and voice is a reference to Don Vito Corleone from the movie, the Godfather.
  • The exterior of his house, Villa di Burnadicci, is actually Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome.