Episode Cast Description Winner Air Date Link
Part 1 Geoff, Jack, Michael, Gavin Jack, Geoff, Michael and Gavin dive head first into Borderlands 2. Who will survive the longest? Who will be the first to die? Who will murder Gavin first? Watch and learn! N/A September 19, 2012 [1]
Part 2 Jack, Geoff, Gavin and Michael are back in Borderlands 2 continuing their quest through Pandora. Come for the Claptrap, stay for the ninja looting by Geoff. September 26, 2012 [2]
Part 3 Jack, Geoff, Michael and Gavin continue their travels in Borderlands 2. Will Gavin figure out how to use his special ability? Watch and find out! October 3, 2012 [3]
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