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What'd I miss?"
"Ah, it appears... we have a traitor in our midst. Let's just go back home. We'll wait this one down under. Camping's a legitimate strategy. We all know that. Especially in the outback.
The Griffon and Boomerang Geoff

Boomerang Geoff is the adopted identity of Geoff Ramsey, a former employee of Rooster Teeth Productions who, after the events of Ten Little Roosters, decided to go off the grid (by becoming an international assassin), becoming the representative of "Whatever Australia Has" for the Rooster Corps. Luckily, he'd managed to survive up to the events of Eleven Little Roosters by adopting the same strategy: Not turning up to work. After the hunt for the saboteur began, Geoff and his wife The Griffon (AKA Griffon Ramsey) retreated to their house in the Australian Outback, and Geoff stayed there, playing his Xbox, clearly not caring about the hunt for the saboteur. He was killed, alongside The Griffon, when Mavin placed a bomb under his couch, and it detonated.