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Fandom update 2021

== (This is if needed.

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RapidsLurker15 RapidsLurker15 16 June 2020

Minecraft YDYD Tables

Below, you will find survivor tables for the Ya Dead, Ya Dead installments of the Let's Play Minecraft series. The tables are up-to-date with the latest episode(s) that have been posted on YouTube. As such, if you haven't watched them, there will be spoilers in these sections.

Now has its own wiki: Achievement Hunter YDYD Wiki.

  • 1 Ya Dead, Ya Dead (2018)
  • 2 Ya Dead, Ya Dead 2 (2019)
  • 3 Ya Dead, Ya Dead 3 (2020)
  • 4 Ya Dead, Ya Dead 4 (2021)
  • 5 Player Overview
  • 6 Trivia
    • 6.1 Deaths
  • 7 References

The first season of Ya Dead, Ya Dead comprises episodes 303-306 of the overall Let's Play Minecraft series. Being the first season, it's just a bog-standard Hardcore session.

Lindsay Jones was killed by a Zombie while in their inventory.
Gavin Free was accidentally shot with an arrow …

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 22 November 2019


It has been awhile since I've made a contribution. I was extremely discouraged by a combination of problems. Mainly that the only archive host who would do decided to fail.

Also, I had a really interesting situation with (legally id have to say "borderline") stalking from someone which utilized this wiki among others. This turned me off of all wikis for a period of time until now. Hopefully needless to say, I'm not the [redacted insults] who this person is claiming I'm sockpuppeting.

And, #3, I pretty much lost interest with Rooster Teeth's channels. Every single channel has suffered a major loss in 2019.

As always, contact me whenever! I look forward to being around again.

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 7 September 2019

Urgent - "Legacy" Community Site Closure

. already hosts plenty of screenshots. However, it is crucial to double check. Consider archiving your own page (if you desire). --— Dǐll Kevlar (talk) 08:06, September 7, 2019 (UTC)

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 6 July 2019

Wiki break 🏝

I will be back soon! I thought I'd need less time away from wiki projects but, that's not turning out to be the case. Cya in a couple of weeks.

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 15 June 2019

CaSe Sensitive templates fixed

Template:Wiki and Template:External no longer need parameters typed in lowercase.

Before, would result in an error. This is no longer the case.

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 12 June 2019

RT Family Footer glitched

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 19 December 2018


Infoboxes are no longer one color... err, at least on desktop browsers! Infobox/Person, Infobox/Channel, Infobox/Character and Infobox/Show now have the "livery" parameter. Funhaus, Cow Chop, Sugar Pine 7, Achievement Hunter, and RWBY all have their own themes.

To add a "livery" to an infobox, add:

If you have any input about any of this, please let me know. I plan on adding a way to choose your own colors for userpages and specific articles. For example, I thought it would be cool if Pajamachievements had a pink theme.

(Oh, and "Template:Infobox show" is now "Template:Infobox/Show" to fit the other titles.)

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HelixSquareTires HelixSquareTires 13 October 2018

So, this is a blog, huh?

I wonder what I should put...

Oh, how about this?

I first got into RoosterTeeth about 4.5 years ago with Red vs. Blue. After that, I followed with Achievement Hunter, RWBY, RT Shorts, and Let's Play.

Then I found out that the Inside Gaming crew was joining RT and rebranding into Funhaus. Needless to say, I became a fan after checking out a few of their GTA V gameplay vids.

Sometime later, I discover this wiki. I decided to make an account in December 2017. I try to make sure shows are up to date and fix any grammar errors I come across.

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 21 August 2018

Stolen Hard Drive

(off topic blog)

Long ago I played this game called "Coke Music / Coke Studios / My Coke" (they liked to change the name). It was very similar and developed by the same team who worked on Habbo Hotel. I actually had the last copy of a lot of the code to that game. 3 years ago today that hard drive was stolen from me at gunpoint. From what I can tell, those files will never be returned or recovered ever again. (Of course, in hindsight those files would've been backed up 3x on many devices or clouds).

I had the chance to document everything about the game on MyCoke Wiki but, that chance escaped me all in a matter of minutes. Time and time again I've witnessed entire chunks of media vanish forever. I truly believe documenting something, in this c…

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Internetboxwiki Internetboxwiki 14 August 2018

Operation "Typo + Gen. Cleanup Search" 2018

  • Completed: 08:05, August 14, 2018 (UTC)
  • Edits: 190
  • Skipped: 1134
  • Typos Detected, solved under operator: 400+
  • Syntax:
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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 13 August 2018

Really Back

I feel like one of those YouTubers or Twitterers who only makes "sorry for being gone X months" videos but, here we are! It's good to see new admins.

In 2018 I worked on a personal project that would allow me to monetize a new form of wiki (sort of like WikiHow but different) but, I'll be shelving that for now.


  • Universal external link icons for infoboxes (I managed to make 2 different systems last year, oops)
  • Perhaps individual podcast pages for RT podcast...

I did the math in 2017 and I think it came out to be like 3000 hours of work. I think it would be worth it.

    • Typical infobox details
      • Soundcloud media player?
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LazarouDave LazarouDave 2 June 2018


And now for my brief return.

After a discussion with Bobbycat on Discord, we came to an agreed conclusion that Gemmaniac and Igordebraga should be given Admin rights on the wiki.

This spawned from my lack of presence in recent months, along with Imdill's disappearance, we need to have admins who're more frequently active.

I shall also send a message on the respective message walls.

(Also if you couldn't tell, i forgot how i used to do these posts...)

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 10 April 2018

Still here! Not dead!

Things are hard right now! Hoping to be back asap. --— Imdill3 (talk) 05:02, April 10, 2018 (UTC)

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LazarouDave LazarouDave 14 February 2018

The Gavin\Meg break in

Unsure as to what the best way to convey this message is - But, thoughts on whether we should allow this edit?

and here were my thoughts on it

However, this was before Gavin & Meg tweeted their thanks for everyone's concern for their wellbeing
Gavin's Tweet
Meg's Tweet

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 6 February 2018

Wiki in May 2013

Just happened to be browsing the Wayback Machine and I wanted post a snapshot they have from May 12, 2013 of the wiki's main page (this happens to be a month after Rooster Teeth's 10th anniversary, for comparison of time). It's actually really interesting how the structure has remained extremely similar!

If you are unable to see the image below, check this link over on my sandbox wiki.
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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 29 January 2018

'LastEdited' changes

Sadly, the 'LastEdited' JS tool now can only be used personally. Something about Wikia Terms of Service violation...

Anyone who wants to continue using this must:

  1. Own an account
  2. Add below's JS into Your Community JS for ALL WIKIS you use or here for your JS for ONLY Rooter Teeth Wiki:
3. After that, clear your browser cache (I also do cookies, personally) and you should be all set if you want to use this tool again!
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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 26 January 2018

891100 to 9f2222?

At the moment, the wiki has a darker red than Rooster Teeth uses for their logo. However, their podcast logo and general design use something near HEX #891100. Their logo uses (to best compression) HEX #9f2222. Should we keep the darker red going or should we start using the pinker lightish-red color on the wiki? Maybe we can mix the use of both.

I made in the RT logo colors/drop shadow. (We could also do dark red with drop shadow). — Imdill3 (talk) 23:53, January 26, 2018 (UTC)

Edit: Changed from "9e2222" to "9f2222"
Note: RGBA CONVERSION: rgba(159, 34, 34, 1)

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 11 January 2018


This blog has basically only been patch notes to date...

Just a heads up: Template:Admins is now in use on the community message and for messages welcoming new users. This way, the list of active admins can be changed without notifying everyone that the community message "has changed". Also, if a user makes an edit in 2018, receives a welcome message, and then comes back in 2022; they'll see exactly who they can ask for help.

Shout out to Kamikaze welcoming thousands of people. They've done enough welcoming for a lifetime.

--— Imdill3 (talk) 11:02, January 11, 2018 (UTC)

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 8 January 2018

Taking some bytes out of tables

Just as a quick blog post, you might see some very large edits I made that removed a ton of bytes. Not to worry, these edits removed a ton of code from tables, added a tiny bit, and will look exactly the same as it did before.

) have trouble rendering properly when "previewing" exactly as before. If you hit "Save / Publish" after editing in 'Source' it should come out fine. If you're reading this you might had already already noticed that.

Also, Special:LongPages is looking much better!
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LazarouDave LazarouDave 5 January 2018


So...i've left the comment active on the forums post , but this is probably the 5th time i've seen this exact comment about dissertation writers, all from different IPs, so coming to the obvious conclusion that they are spambots, what's the next step.

1) Remove the comment(s) as they appear and do nothing

2) Remove the comment(s) and close the forum in question, then do nothing

3) Remove the comment(s), close the forum and block the account permanently to prevent future spamming potential

4) Present an alternate solution in the comments

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 2 January 2018

inter-wiki link icons

I regret to say I've been working 3+ years on a system to properly link other wikis. This morning I had an idea to use them inside of an infobox. For some reason; JS, CSS, and LUA have failed me in many many attempts at doing something similar. I have referred to this as my "kryptonite" to a few people, over time.

Anyways, I have a pretty good solution. No wiki has done it like this before! In the future I'd like to get the icons to shift to the right. Our current LUA infoboxes refuse to allow this to happen. I imagine a fix will be found in time.

  • Template:Wiki
  • Template:Wiki/code

Gosh, some of these other wikis need work... a lot of it... — Imdill3 (talk) 04:41, January 2, 2018 (UTC)

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Gemmaniac Gemmaniac 1 January 2018

Other Shows' Character Pages?

I get that RWBY is one of the most popular shows that Rooster Teeth has as of now. But like, how come only RWBY characters have pages on the wiki and not RvB, Camp Camp or even X-Ray and VaV (yeah i know that series already ended, but still) characters? Dont they need recognition as well?

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 28 December 2017

Official wiki pages and 'news section' changes

Waddup wikians? Today, you may have started to notice a drop in the article count. This week we began with ~762 articles and we went down [as of writing this] to 752. This was pretty much from a Namespace issue regarding many official wiki pages. However, they should all be sorted out (literally) and are contained on a nice navbox for easy access.

This navbox lacks a V-D-E template in the top left because it shouldn't require many future changes.

In other news (again, literally): 'News' now has it's own template. Only sysops (admins) may add and remove news articles. If you'd like to see wiki-related news on the front page, contact an admin. This template exists under "Current News", on the navbox, for quick access to edit. — Imdill3 (talk) …

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 27 December 2017

Main page left side

Hello, everyone. Today I got a little carried away and before I knew it ended up redoing a huge chunk of the main page. Today my goal was to use a font 'like' how Rooster Teeth uses theirs. But then I noticed some things wern't using the same templates... Basically, the 'Welcome Message', 'Rooster Teeth Shows' + 'RT Staff', and 'Achievement Hunter Shows' all used a completely different style to show information. I tried to retroactively fit things together but, at the end of the day I ended up re-stylizing them all to match.

I feel like everything is meeting the same "feel" as before. However, it now utilizes the coloring better and uses on zoomed out or lager monitors).

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Dǐll Kevlar Dǐll Kevlar 21 December 2017

Main Page banner

It was originally done in two layers... However, advertisments changed the site's page color and caused some weird side-effects and the "flair" file loaded first. So, for 2 seconds you'd get to see a really ugly banner.

Getting the Rooster Teeth logo was more difficult than you might think. Every online version of it is super blurry or too small to be helpful. In the end, I basically used an expanded version of a blurry logo and manually cut every red pixel from it into a new image.

The grey/black "flair" I suspect was Googled by Burnie Burns, back in the day. There's a yellow/white version that exists as "royalty free" and inverting the colors, grayscale, and rotating makes an exact replica.

I couldn't manage to find a site that did coloring…

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LazarouDave LazarouDave 17 October 2017

RTX London - One hell of a first con

Now - where to begin with this

Friday 13th October 2017 - Sunday 15th October 2017 - a weekend that will go down in memory as one of the best times of my life, the joy of being surrounded by likeminded people with a love for Rooster Teeth

Arrive at Hotel and head straight to ExCeL for registration - basically no queue and everything is sorted rapidly, spend the remainder of the day in Fox@ExCeL with the rest of the Friday arrivers, sat with the rest of the loners group...and then basically failing to actively engage with anyone - because that's just how i roll

Oh yeah, also shout out to whoever it was that requested the DJ play This Will Be The Day in Custom House.

Saturday rolls around and i'm as hyped as possible, i wasn't even in ExCeL for …

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LazarouDave LazarouDave 6 September 2017

Discord Time

So - I'll be brief with this, Discord Chats can be integrated with Wikia (and have been for a while apparently)

I have a Discord server willing to let us associate this Wiki with it - but what's everyone elses view on this idea - maybe having an active chat would be a pretty noice idea.

example...i guess

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LazarouDave LazarouDave 17 April 2017

RWBY Page Decision

So at this point, we can pretty much agree that the RWBY pages on this wiki are essentially redundant - so i'll keep this brief and put it to a decision.

1 - We leave all current pages as they are, but at the top; leave an obvious redirect to the page on the RWBY wiki - as done with some other pages on here already

2 - Delete all the current pages in favour of a directory page that lists all the characters in RWBY as their respective pages on the RWBY wiki - all links external and leading away from here

3 - Do nothing and just leave them as they are

4 - Alternate choices in the comments, if you have any that are feasible, i'll add them later.

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Bobbycat1 Bobbycat1 5 March 2017


I felt this necessary to make in regards to the representation in the RT Community for LGBTQIA+ individuals and the current ongoing discussion in reference to certain pages on this wiki.

Now, I feel like it's more common knowledge, but for those that are unaware, within the past year Kdin came out and officially announced she identified as transgender [1][2][3][4]. Since this announcement, we've had several minor continuous back-to-back edits every so often and discussions made for the correct pronouns used for Kdin's wiki page. This is a heated subject and I'm going to provide my own perspective along with Kdin's own comments about this reoccurring 'issue.' There is a TL;DR at the bottom.

Now, Kdin has been asked multiple times before and aft…

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Mister Explicit Mister Explicit 15 February 2017

Killer Predictions

Really I only have four predictions at the moment. Two of them are for combatants, and two for non-combatants (Josh Flanagan confirmed recently that the mole could be a non-combatant).

  • 1 4) Annersby
  • 2 3) Ryan Haywood
  • 3 2) Agent Knuckle
  • 4 1) Christoph Weiss

This one is a bit of a stretch, but it could very well be Annersby. He could have masterminded the Tetris incident in Episode 4 - seriously, it was very convenient for Gavin to have had the "cyanide pill container" and the enlarging gun at that moment...

Besides, he has a feel that screams "Traitor". It's a gut feeling I received watching similar spy flicks.

Frankly, I don't have much against him but I have this (It's another stretch): He may be the murderer because he may have gained some PTSD aft…

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Bobbycat1 Bobbycat1 3 July 2016

RTX 2016

With the RTX 2016 season coming to a close, there has been loads of new information regarding shows, employees, and changes all around. With over 133 panels and events (lordy) and not being able to physically be at the convention center nor watch every livestream, these new updates could be slow during this time. This is just in order to gather as much of the new information received so it can be added all in.

If you have new info, go ahead and work that wiki editing magic. However, there may be some fact checking if anything sounds too suspect.

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The JoTS The JoTS 28 June 2016

Rooster Teeth wikis footer program


I am an administrator at the newly founded Camp Camp wikia, and I would like to discuss a proposal I recently made concerning the creation of a simplistic Rooster Teeth wikis affiliation program– a footer.

If you are not aware: an affiliate footer basically is a template that would include links to all of its member wikis and essentially allow the wikis to link to one another. For an example of such a footer, here is the YouTube footer hosted by the YouTube wiki.

UPDATE: We ask that participating members (as of July 2, 2016) integrate the footer in their main page by July 8th, 2016. This is merely a guideline for adoption of the footer.

A WIP version of this footer has been created on Community Central (see below). Wikis that are currently i…

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Bobbycat1 Bobbycat1 24 May 2016

Over Categorization

The amount of categories used on this wiki is astounding, especially when a bunch of them are useless. There are numerous duplicates (Pets-Pet-Animals-Edgar-Dogs or Voice Actor-Voice Cast) and then just random one page categories as well. There's going to be a lot of change into what these categories should be, cause this is ridiculous.

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Bobbycat1 Bobbycat1 6 March 2016

Admin Position

As a fairly active user on this wiki, I really hope to be able to expand this into an informative site that people, that may or may not be fans of the company, be able to learn more and become interested in what's here.

I know that there are already two current admins on here and I also realize this is slightly different than the way that was suggested on how to approach becoming an admin. But I'd like to hear any feedback from whether that be the current admins, or any other contributor to this wiki. I take no offense for any answers and would like to hear thoughts about the future of this wiki and if I'm even deserving of the administrative or bureaucratic rights.

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LazarouDave LazarouDave 1 March 2016

Massive Information Source!

So...i'll keep this short.

While looking at the Rooster Teeth Subreddit, i spotted a tab titled "Wiki"...of course i clicked it to see what it was...and it's basically a gold mine of information, so if we're looking to improve the quality of the articles and have any information that is missing or unknown, check this link for detailed spreadsheets involving Show dates, names, appearances (in mass detail), among many other stats, for Minecraft vids, Podcast & IB attendances, Horse/ know what, look at it yourself, whoever compiled this, massive kudos to them.

So this stuff is actually really out of date now i've looked in detail, some of it is up to date, but a fair amount of it is stuck in 2014 because people stopped updating…

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Rubylove21xbox Rubylove21xbox 27 November 2015

Rwby is here!

One of my favourite things about rooster teeth is rwby . i love rwby because it is funny and always makes me laugh.

my favourite charicter is blake belladona she is so cool and i love her weapon.when i get the rwby game i'll besure to play as her.

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LtPinkRebel LtPinkRebel 12 November 2015

Didn't realize there was a wikia.

I've been a RT fan for about 5 years of my life, and i didn't realize there was a wiki till now! Im glad that i have joined and i am looking forward to editing and helping out the wiki! 

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Bayzette Bayzette 31 March 2015

Bayzette: 1

Legit just doing this for the badge

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Zig zag out of no where Zig zag out of no where 5 February 2015

Jack and the community

Since 2013 when i first started watching Let's Plays and Rooster Teeth one half of team OG (please correct if wrong) and Same Voice Jack P seemed to be recieving heavy heat on the youtube comment section as of end 2014 - start 2015 it seems like more and more and turning on to his side or is this just the fact of the youtuber comments are diferent to the RT Wiki comments, Of course the Hunters that stand out most are Gavin and Geoff and now Ryan, Gavin, who struggles with english and ends up getting himself beaten, Geoff, the colour commentaor and creator and Ryan, Mad king guy, Jack brings the more skilled and focused as such when this fails the famous line 'i'm Gonna build a house' means he's given up overall the point of this is it seem…

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Zig zag out of no where Zig zag out of no where 13 January 2015

let's play we want to see

Let's Play's we want to see

More Minecraft

More GTA V

Garry's G - Mod

More Mario

Heavy Rain

WWE 2K15 (even tho it sucks)

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Ratchet941 Ratchet941 1 October 2014

My Predictions for "X-Ray & Vav"

With the recently revealed X-Ray & Vav series, I decided to write down my predictions for what the series will be about, with both stuff from the teaser and just my own ideas:

  • Judging from clips where they were wearing paper logos, scarves/towels and rubber gloves, Ray and Gavin will start out as just normal people that get into an accident giving them (or a scientist - possibly a friend - gives them) superpowers.
  • That purple-haired girl will be the main villain, or at least a rival.
    • Also maybe her gun will have multiple functions. 
  • Michael and Ryan will appear as Mogar and the Mad King (respectively) as the main villain's henchmen.
  • Ray and Gavin will get their powers from touching nobs. 
  • Gus and/or Burnie will be a scientist.
  • Other RT people like …
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Bobbycat1 Bobbycat1 1 August 2014

Too Personal

The Achievement Hunter fandom is divulging into a new level of creepiness as of recently. After the massive manhunt for photographs of Ryan, personal and private information has been leaked and repeatedly posted online. It is in no way any of our business to dig through another person's life and, even worse, publicizing it. We should not encourage these actions. Let's just please stop reposting, reblogging, etc. information that was not meant to be known by millions of strangers on the internet.

And let us remember...

Fan: An enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc.

Stalker: A person who harasses another person, as a former lover, a famous person, etc.

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Trail2006 Trail2006 17 May 2014

Joining the Rooster Teeth Wiki

Hello everyone! You may call me Trail.

I've known about the Rooster Teeth Wikia for about a couple of months and have been coming to it for information every now and then. Yesterday I decided to become more involved with this wikia by contributing to it with adding information to pages and fixing issues to other things. Since I've got past experience with wikia editing, I'm pretty familiar with the whole thing. I hope to contribute more and more and I also hope to be welcomed as a part of this wikia.

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Kamikaze839 Kamikaze839 1 May 2014


Sorry everyone for not being as active as I used to be on here, college takes up a lot of my time nowadays. This semester will be over in a couple weeks though, so you should see an increase in activity once it does.

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AussiePikachu AussiePikachu 28 April 2014

Rayisms, Gavinsims, where are the others?

Ok, so I know I've already said about this on the forums but I really want to state that it is a bit unfair that only Gavin and Ray have specific pages dedicated to funny and interesting quotes that they have said in many of their youtube videos. I would like to make pages for the other members of Achievement Hunter but it would be impossible for me to completely make them on my own. Anyone who is interested in helping me with this please let me know. Thanks.

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Darthryan97 Darthryan97 21 February 2014

What ideas do you have for the 100th minecraft episode?

So the 100th minecraft let's play is fast approaching, which i assume should be a big deal! So i created this blog to see what you,the fans, think the guys should do for the 100th episode. Darthryan97 (talk) 22:11, February 21, 2014 (UTC)

100th epsiode countdown               

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Customstone Customstone 11 January 2014

New Member

First day as an actual member, going great!

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Kamikaze839 Kamikaze839 28 November 2013

Upcoming Wiki Changes

Okay, so on December 4th, Wikia staff will implement part 1 of its Project Darwin overhaul to all wikis, this one included. This means we will have to change a couple of things. this blog outlines what we need to do. However, I'm not that good with stuff like this, so therefore I will need assistance, especially in designing a new background.

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Kamikaze839 Kamikaze839 28 November 2013

Chat room

You guys do realize this wiki has a chat room right?

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