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Billy B Burson III is a Visual Post Production Supervisor, Lighting Artist, and Compositor at Rooster Teeth Animation as well as an occasional actor in several Rooster Teeth productions.

After graduating from University of Hawai'i Kapi'olani's New Media Arts program, he began his career at Hawaii Animation Studios before moving to Texas in 2013 to work at Reel FX, where he was a lighting and compositing artist on Free Birds, The Book of Life and Rock Dog.

He was hired by Rooster Teeth in 2016 as a lighting artist on RWBY. Additionally has been a Lighter & Compositor on Red vs. Blue and RWBY Chibi, as well as serving as Visual Post Supervisor for both series starting in 2018. He has also written and directed segments for RWBY Chibi, and contributed as a Look Development Artist for Gen:LOCK.



  • In Red vs Blue he was the voice actor for Gerald, husband to Sheryl who is portrayed by Christine Stuckart. Both characters are sentient lens light flares whose actors are, thematically, Lighting Artists at Rooster Teeth.