Austin K. Hardwicke is an American animator and an employee for Rooster Teeth Productions.

He graduated from Texas State Technical College, attending from 2006-2008, where he earned an Associates in Digital Media Design. He went on to graduate from Austin Community College, attending from 2008-2011, earning a degree in 3D Animation.

Career[edit | edit source]

Austin started working for the animation department at Rooster Teeth in 2012, starting out as an assistant.

He's credited as an animator, storyboard artist, assistant compositor, and mo-cap performer for several animated productions at Rooster Teeth such as RWBY, RWBY Chibi, Red vs. Blue and Gen:LOCK.

Austin has made multiple appearances across various other RT content including Fan Service, On The Spot, RWBY Rewind, and RT Life.

In July 2019, he announced that he has moved to Japan and will no longer animate on RWBY Volume 7. However, he will still be doing off-site work for the company.

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