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Art Haus!, also labeled as "Fan Art!", was a short-lived Funhaus series in mid-2015. The show highlighted fan art from the Funhaus community, typically sourced through Reddit. The show began as a segment on Dude Soup, Funhaus' podcast, and graduated to its own series.

In each episode, Funhaus cast members would present and commentate about fan-made art. As admitted by Adam Kovik, the show shares many traits with 'Your Comments', another show by Funhaus.[1]

The tenth and final episode was broadcast on June 20, 2015. This specific episode was a combination of the 'Your Comments' show. The episode was produced in this format due to the lack of time because of E3 2015.

After June 14, 2016, the show was replaced with the Dude Soup podcast Post Show. This is evident from both series being listed in the same playlist. Both series are under a URL "Fan Show".

"It's a cup!" -Adam Kovik[2]