Arin Joseph Hanson, also known by his internet persona Egoraptor, is an animator, comedian, and content creator for the YouTube let's play channel, Game Grumps. Arin is married to fellow Game Grumps member, Suzy Berhow.

Bio Edit

Arin first became well known for his animations, which he uploads to his personal YouTube channel, Egoraptor. Following with the success of his personal channel, Arin created the Game Grumps as a side project which eventually grew in popularity and expanded into having multiple shows and members within the channel.

Arin has performed multiple voice acting roles in various video games such as Dragon Age Inquisition, Target Acquired, and more. Also with a minor voice role as the Cyborg Photographer in Rick & Morty.

Arin is a member (and rapper) of the comedy video game-based trio band Starbomb, which is composed of Arin's fellow Game Grump co-star, Dan Avidan and his band, Ninja Sex Party.

Within Rooster Teeth Edit

Multiple employees of Rooster Teeth have been shown to be fans and friends of the Game Grumps group and they have such hosted panels at Rooster Teeth's RTX convention.

Arin, alongside Dan, made a guest appearance competing on the RTX edition of On The Spot.

In episode 10 of Season 13 of Red vs. Blue, Arin, along with Dan, Suzy, Ross, Kevin, and Barry provided voice cameos of soldiers. In Season 14, he voices one character in the episode "Grey vs. Gray", which was co written by Barry and Brian.

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