This article is about Alfredo, of Sugar Pine 7. For Alfredo Diaz, of Achievement Hunter, see Alfredo Diaz.

Alfredo is a fictional cameraman who is a member of Sugar Pine 7, an affiliate of Rooster Teeth Productions. He is known for his goofy voice and broken English, he is mainly voiced by Steven Suptic.

Bio Edit

Not much is known about Alfredo other than he was born in Shtischtorchnia and that his native language is Scolvian. At some point he moved to the U.S.A. Alfredo seems to have been in a relationship with Jordan "CaptainSparklez" Maron but it seems as they've broken up, as he has taken interest in Autumn Farrell, Sugar Pine 7's video editor. He also seems to have an affair with Aleks Marchant of Cow Chop.

He has also introduced his daughter, Swolleen.

Career Edit

Alfredo was hired by Steven to film him and the Sugar Pine 7 crew, he is mainly silent while filming but sometimes talks. His face has never been seen on camera.
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