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Alexander William "Alex" Abraham is a Rooster Teeth employee hailing from Boston who has composed music for RWBY and RWBY Chibi, as well as X-Ray and Vav and Lazer Team.

He attended the Berklee College of Music, graduating with a Bachelor of Music, Contemporary Writing & Production, and he currently works along with the freelance composing\producer work. When he hired Steve Goldshein as a student employee, Steve was working on Red vs. Blue, a show Alex is a fan of, as an assistant of Jeff Williams, who is a teacher at Berklee. Eventually Jeff met Alex, saw his Soundcloud, and recruited him to work on RWBY. Alex has been a part of Jeff's Freelancer Orchestra on two RTX concerts, 2016 and 2018.

Outside of RWBY, he focuses on music for film, TV, radio, local artists, and video games. His works have been heard on SyFy, National Geographic, Speed Network, and truTV.

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