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— Agent Moose's Repeated Quote

Agent Moose is, to all extents and purposes, the main protagonist of Eleven Little Roosters. She is the former representative of the Canadian Assassins League for the Rooster Corps, being demoted from the position after being duped into killing Jack The Red in Croatia, and replaced by Agent Knuckle. Afterwards, The Colonel gives her the chance to regain her position in the Corps by ordering her to find Ryan Haywood, and uncovering the saboteur. After finding out the identity of the saboteur, she, along with Ryan and the Sex Von Shaukel Boys, manage to defeat Mavin and The Colonel. A year afterwards, Agent Moose has created a new organisation, the Ministry of Moose, which replaces the Rooster Corps.


  • Agent Moose and Gavin the 3rd are the only two characters to have made an appearance in every episode of Eleven Little Roosters.
  • A moose is a Canadian animal, and her actress Barbara Dunkelman is Canadian.
    • Ironically, Barbara herself was the main antagonist in Ten before becoming the main protagonist in Eleven, alongside Ten's sole survivor Ryan.