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Aaron Wayne Marquis (born February 7, 1987 in Fort Worth, Texas) is a former employee of Rooster Teeth, who worked as an American on-camera host, actor, screenwriter and editor for the company's Live Action content, although he recently turned to script writing and directing in RT's Live Action Department. He, along with Chris Demarais, co-hosted the hidden camera show, Social Disorder. He has also made appearances on the Podcast, On The Spot, and RT Life. He left the company in September 2018.

Aaron is credited as an editor for Rooster Teeth's series, Ten Little Roosters and iBlade. He has acted in multiple comedy shorts as well, including the web-series The Wingmen.

On September 7, 2018, he officially announced[1] his departure from Rooster Teeth. He's since moved onto other Austin film companies[2]


  • He went to College with Chris Demarais and they share quite a few friends including Brad and Zach Anner. He was introduced to Rooster Teeth through Chris.
  • He was the writer and director of the fifth episode of the Rooster Teeth live action sci-fi web series, Day 5.